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3 Spotify Playlists For Your Next Photoshoot

Music has the powerful ability to set the tone of every shoot. It encourages people to let their guard down, evokes emotions, and encourages creativity. 

Here are our three favorite playlists to create an upbeat environment on set of your next shoot: 

Channel your inner diva with these timeless pop-anthems. These jams will have everyone in the room movin’, groovin’, and ready to shoot!

If life is a movie, these tracks will certainly have you feeling like the main character. This is a playlist that will get the creative juice flowing while everyone sings along!

Step on set and instantly forget your at work with these feel-good singalongs. This playlist will keep everyone smiling and keep the energy in the room electric.

We hope you enjoy these playlists, but are curious to hear what you guys have been streaming lately too! Follow Casting Coin on all platforms and tag us in your favorite jams to let us know!