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10 New Photoshop 2021 Features To Know About

Released in May, 2021, Photoshop 22.4.1 has lots to offer the photo-editing community. It includes many new features that will increase workflow efficiency within the industry, and help create a picture-perfect image out of every shot.

The 10 best new features include:

  • Skin Smoothing Neural Filters- Powered by Adobe Sensei, this new workspace offers users tools that remove the subject’s imperfections without effecting the details of the subject’s face or body.
  • Smart Portrait Neural Filters- By taking pixels from the original image and then using them to generate a fictional output of new pixels, users can now change their subject’s expression, age, gaze or pose in seconds.
  • Sky Replacement- Don’t let bad shooting conditions halt your shoots any longer, for this new tool allows you to quickly select and swap the sky in any shot. Choose from an array of stock options, or choose a view from your own camera roll and color match the image to match the scenery.
  • Pattern Preview- After opening Photoshop, this new feature allows you to watch your creation come to life as a pattern by simply clicking, View > Pattern Preview.
  • Live Shapes- Similar to Adobe Illustrator, this tool now allows you to create and contort shapes directly on your Photoshop canvas. This feature also includes new additions to the Shape tools group and improvements to the Line tool, Polygon tool and other variants.
  • Refine Hair- The new AI powered feature in the select and mask panel, Object aware, is perfect for making selections with fine lines, such as hair.
  • Reset Transform- This function allows you to convert a layer to a smart object, then transform and contort the image, and finally reset it to its original form with the click of your mouse.
  • Camera Raw-13 Compact Mode- Instead of scrolling, this new setting shrinks the settings to reveal more options on smaller screens, like laptops. Right-click at the top of the modules and you can choose the option for compact or normal right there.
  • Color Grading and 3-Way Color Corrector- In this new Photoshop update, split tone has been replaced by a more powerful 3 way color corrector that allows you to apply Hue/Saturation and Luminance to the shadow, highlights and midtones independently.
  • Quick Actions- With the click of a button preform simple edits such as Remove background, Blur background, Make B/W background, and Enhance image. Simply open an image, then click, Help > Photoshop Help > Quick Actions, to apply these quick actions.